Here is some participant feedback....

“Another thing that I found really exciting was the fact that my feelings changed during the length of the Sikh presentation. At first, when I saw the turbans, I thought “Muslims” and was almost scared of going into their room. But after hearing about their views and seeing how much they were like me, my own views changed.” -- High School Student

“Through this workshop, I learned that not all religions are what their stereotypes make them out to be”

    -- High School Student

“This workshop helped me understand how lots of religions actually have common characteristics. I realized that not all people wearing turbans are Muslims—it is not good to live my life stereotyping cultures, when really all people are similar and should be treated equally no matter their beliefs.”

      -- High School Student

Thank you and the others from your community for coming out yesterday. I asked the students for their feedback and it was all positive. I was impressed with how much they remembered even after a night of sleep. We were talking after you left and someone mentioned how quickly and effectively you got their attention; you were so engaging.
    -- Middle School Teacher

The Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI), a program under the aegis of the University of Denver's University College, recently presented a speakers' series on the wisdom and practices of-diverse religions. -Dilpreet-Jammu [Colorado Sikhs] was one of our speakers.

His presentation was a resounding success with our audience of nearly one hundred students, all of whom are retired professionals of various descriptions. Not only did he explain the tenets of his faith clearly and respectfully, but he made them both accessible and fascinating, holding the audience spellbound throughout. During an extended question and answer session, no query was too small or strange, with each given equal weight and thoughtfulness in the reply. He was at ease throughout the presentation and made sure we were completely comfortable as well.
    -- University of Denver

The lecture was very well-received by students, faculty, and visitors alike. Faculty members commented that your friendly introduction to " Sikhism 101" put everyone at ease, helped them to understand the religion in its historical and modem context, and most importantly, identify with its core values. ...the participation of several Sikh community members in wrapping turbans for students was a great gesture of community. 

      -- Community College of Aurora

....profound thanks to you and your beautiful daughters for your generous gift of time and knowledge to the teacher training program in Douglas County a week ago.  As you must have been aware at the time, your remarks made a tremendous impact on the teachers present...
    -- DCSD Teacher Training in partnership with The Uberoi Foundation

We are grateful that you took the time to come visit our class.  Thank you for sharing your beautiful, historic religion and for opening yourself up to questions.  We all grow in faith through education, communication, and personal relationships and we wish we had been able to invite the whole church to share your knowledge and expertise.  Thanks again for your generous gift of time and experience.  You inspired us to continue to learn and grow in faith, forming more connections outside of our small community.
      -- Sincerely, Friends in Faith, Littleton United Methodist Church

There is nothing I heard today about the beliefs held by Sikhs that contradicted with my own personal beliefs.
From what I heard about what Sikhs believe in, I could call myself a Sikh
Really enjoyed the Sikh portion. The presenter was fantastic.
The layout of the class was very conducive to learning. Ample time for questions but also having the opportunity for hands on experiences
Very informative, especially the Sikhism presentation. In fact, one of the better BOP courses I've attended.
I learned a lot from this great training that I really need to know another religion' beliefs
Terrific. It was probably the best course I have had to date because of the practicums in the indigenous houses of worship with their contextual spiritual leaders.
      -- Comments from Chaplains attending customized BOP Presentation and Training