67% of Sikh Children Are Bullied in School

“I did tell my mom. She didn’t believe me.”

“I tried to tell, but I got too embarrassed.”

“Why bother? The stuff my mom told me to try wouldn’t work.”

Kids are often not able to express themselves.

Adults may not know the signs of bullying, or may feel helpless.

Teachers/principals use specific language that can be confusing.

Parents may not know how to deal with school administration.

Repeated bullying impacts kids and can result

in feelings of helplessness, a decrease in self esteem and in severe cases, suicide.


The signs of bullying include physical injuries, loss of interest in school, avoiding social situations, change in eating habits, declining grades and difficulty sleeping or focusing on homework.

Please contact us if your child is being bullied.

We have the knowledge and the soft skills to help you navigate this complex topic.

We have been there with our own children and resolved the issue in a win win for all involved.