Welcome to Colorado Sikhs

We are a non-profit based in Colorado USA. We are non-partisan and we do not lobby.

We are a registered 501 (c) (3). Donations are tax deductible for any individual or foundation that files with the United States Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

Non-US residents may also be eligible for tax benefits in your home nations. Please consult with your local Tax Authority.

Our Vision

Our vision is to help create harmonious relationships with all citizens within Colorado.   We help to foster an environment of peace and mutual respect.


Our Mission

Our mission is to promote diversity, understanding, and community development through education and civic engagement.

Why do we care?

Though it is the worlds fifth (5th) largest religion, very few Americans know anything about the Sikh faith.

Part of the reason for this is that Sikhism is not an evangelical religion, and does not seek converts to the faith.  As a result, many Americans may not even realize that their friend, co-worker, or neighbour is a Sikh.

After the Oak Creek Wisconsin tragedy, members of the Colorado Sikh community realized that we needed to educate our fellow citizens.  Education and understanding are key to eliminating ignorance and misunderstanding.  Ultimately, both are critical to promoting a peaceful society.

We believe in education and community development as the key to developing solid, mutually respectful relationships with all Colorado citizens and communities.

What do we do?

We are all about outreach to our fellow Americans.

Members of Colorado Sikhs have a number of professionally designed presentations that we can make to any type of organization.  These presentations describe the culture, history and philosophy of the Sikh Faith, in context of world history.


We can tailor our presentations for your organization, be that a K-12 class, religious school, college, university, church, civic group or business.

We also host a number of cultural events, panels, and we support other organizations that provide education.


You can see some of our past events on this site.

For a list of available topics, just click on the "Available Topics" tab.

Who do we work with?

We work with everyone...

We have conducted seminars, presentations and cultural events at middle and high schools.

We have also been to higher education institutes such as community colleges, and universities.  Our audience includes freshmen as well as graduate level students of world history, social studies, geography, philosophy and religious studies.

We are often invited to speak at churches, and at other interfaith organizations.

The Community Relations Service of the Department of Justice asks our members to train local and Federal law enforcement officers throughout Colorado.

We are the go to resource for the Bureau of Prisons Chaplain Service.

And finally, we also engage with business and professional associations, and municipal organizations.


If you would like a presentation or a customized education program for your class, school or organization, then please contact us.


Thank you for visiting and have a great day.