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What is the Langar? Where does it come from?

Langar, which rhymes with "hunger" is a 500 year Sikh Tradition, born in the Punjab region of South Asia. The region was divided into India and Pakistan, during the 1947 British partition.

World wide, Sikhs serve an estimated 6.5 million meals every day, approximately 2.4 billion meals each year. All of this is done by volunteers and through donations.

Langar is a centuries-old, movement in the Sikh religion that emphasizes social and economic equality as people share a nutritious, communal meal together. Anyone eating langar in any part of the world at any time, may sit on the floor, symbolically representing the tearing down of racial and sociopolitical barriers.

Essentially, Langar embodies many special characteristics of the Sikh faith including nimrita( humility) , daya( compassion) and saanjedhaari (equality.) It is an embodiment of humanitarian service, self-sacrifice, and equality.

Langar, has always been a revolutionary idea. Five hundred years ago in India, and even today, many places separate people based on their caste-- and that includes during the time to eat. People of a lower caste cannot sit with those from upper castes.

Langar breaks down these barriers while breaking bread. Your race, gender, sexual orientation, caste, creed or social status do not matter.  Your religion does not matter.  You can be of any faith, or of no faith and be welcome.  Everyone can come, eat and be treated equally while being served a free nutritious meal.

Every Gurudwara (Sikh House of Worship) has a community kitchen that serves Langar after a service.  Larger Gurudwaras serve langar 24/7-- no questions asked. There isn’t a time limit or food limit to langar, which is incredible as this system is completely based on volunteers and food items donated to the Gurdwara.

Langar can be served outside of the Gurudwara and becomes an opportunity for members of multiple communities, who may not normally see each other, to come together; to meet one another, and to take care of each other.


Where is the September 21 Interfaith Langar?

We will be in the park across from the Colorado State Capitol building.  This park has several names (Liberty Park, Lincoln Park, Veterans Memorial), but we just call it the park across from the State Capitol.

The park is bounded by Lincoln Street, E Colfax Ave, N Broadway and W 14th Avenue.

Look for us in the central area near the Veterans Memorial.  The map will be updated with additional information as it becomes available.

Food will be served from 11 AM until 2 PM.  Entertainment will also be available.

Donations for September 21 Langar (Credit Card)

If you would like to donate to the September 21 Langar, use the Crowdrise website link below for any credit card payments

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If you wish, we accept donations by check.....

Donations by Check

To pay by check, please make your check to Colorado Sikhs.

You can also hand the check to one of our onsite volunteers or you can mail it to

Colorado Sikhs

PO Box 2096

Parker CO 80134

Donations of Live Music for September 21

Wanted, performers to share their musical talents at the October 27, 2018 Langar event.
We are looking for skilled performers to present positive music that celebrates the connection and love between all people. The intention will be to gather several ‘acts’ who will each share a few songs.

Interested?  Please contact  ASAP

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